Testimonials & Reviews

Amy was extremely helpful in getting my case resolved. She got me the best deal possible and throughout the process she kept me informed and up to date on everything. Amy is an exceptional lawyer and I highly recommend her. – Anonymous Client. (5 stars) July 2014

Amy is my go to attorney for DUI’s and many other driving issues. She has worked as a prosecutor and a defense attorney and knows both sides of the issues well. She also has something that a lot of attorneys do not. She really cares about her clients. Amy even tries to discourage business by posting locations of DUI checkpoints on her website. I hope you never need her services, but you will not be disappointed with them if you do. – Steven Fink (5 stars) May 2014

Amy is a knowledgeable attorney with nothing but her client’s best interest at heart. I would not hesitate to refer all my legal business, clients, relatives and friends to her when the need arises. – Gustavo (5 stars) April 2014

Amy is the real deal, one of the absolute best in California.
Her skills and dedication inspire me, and the results she gets for her clients define her excellence.
In short, Amy is both an amazing lawyer and person. I highly recommend her. – Eric D. (5 stars) 4-10-2014