Domestic Violence

Orange County Domestic Violence Attorney


Police and civil authorities in California take reports of domestic violence very seriously. Unfortunately, the system is not perfect. Without legal representation, victims of domestic violence may find it difficult to take advantage of the legal protections available. Conversely, those accused of an act of domestic violence or spousal abuse may face serious immediate consequences — prior to any determination of guilt or innocence.

Amy Schroder represents clients, who are facing issues of domestic violence in their household. Whether legitimate or fabricated, an allegation of domestic violence must be dealt with immediately. Contact the Law Office of Amy Schroder online or by telephone to speak with Amy today.

Standing Up for Those Who Have Been Falsely Accused

A false or vindictive allegation of domestic violence is an abuse of the system. It is also an abuse of the person who now has to face the potentially serious civil and criminal consequences. In order to fight a false allegation, it will almost certainly be necessary to enlist the services of an experienced lawyer. That Lawyer is Amy Schroder. Call my office today at (714) 744-4600.