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Former Deputy District Attorney Amy Schroder
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Hiring the right Orange County DUI lawyer to defend you can be even more important than the strength and amount of evidence against you. Former Deputy D.A. Amy Schroder is a lawyer dedicated to helping you on criminal cases such as DUI (Driving under the Influence), Felony DUI charges, DUI as a Minor (under age 21), and related cases in Orange County and Southern California.

As a former Deputy District Attorney, Amy Schroder is a skilled and tenacious fighter. She can make a strong difference in your case and many times charges are never filed or are later dropped entirely.

If you’ve been stopped for DUI in Orange County and need serious legal assistance from an experienced lawyer, there is no need to look any further.

If you are charged with a DUI you need to make a fast, educated and smart decision regarding who to hire as your Orange County DUI defense lawyer. Because of the seriousness of a DUI charge, hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer with the experience and tenacity of Amy Schroder is one of the most significant decisions of your life.

Top Reasons to Call Now

1. Experience: As a former Orange County Deputy District Attorney, Amy Schroder will use her experience to fight for you.

2. I don’t take the easy way out: My goal is not to take a plea right away. I defend DUI charges using the premise that there is always a chance to get a DUI charge dismissed or reduced. Although no one can guarantee the outcome in your specific situation, I try to get every case dismissed.

3. I go to work immediately on your behalf: I listen closely to what led up to and resulted in your DUI arrest, asking pertinent questions to reveal details to strategize a tactical defense plan. I become totally familiar with your case, and allocate plenty of time to address your concerns.

4. You can reach me 24/7: I understand that when an Orange County DUI charge is at stake you need to speak with a lawyer fast. I never give you the run-around. Call me 24 hours a day at (714) 744-4600.

Orange County DUI Help


If you have been arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, (DUI) be advised there are numerous factors that can work in your favor and result in the dismissal of your case. DUI help is only one phone call away.

For a conviction to be rendered, the burden of proof is on the People of the State of California, meaning the arresting officer and the prosecution. All aspects of the charges must be proven, which includes but not limited to proper administration of sobriety tests, chemical tests, probable cause and search and seizure protocols and following the law. Each of these human, mechanical or procedural factors are subject to error. I review all of them and determine which can work in your favor.

At the Law Office of Amy Schroder, Amy can help with DUI Advice, DUI Penalties, DUI Laws, DUI Charges, DUI Defense, DUI Arrest, DUI Felony, DUI Misdemeanor, DUI Penalties, DUI Suspension and much more.


DUI Rights & DUI Questions


I listen closely to what led up to and resulted in your DUI arrest, asking pertinent questions to reveal details to strategize a tactical defense plan. I become totally familiar with your case, and allocate plenty of time to address your concerns.

Immediately, I go to work to save your driver’s license, and investigate your case beginning with the police report and evidence. I examine every event and surrounding detail involved, including the use of breath testing equipment, maintenance records, calibration, observation periods, certification of operators and blood testing technicians, and more.

Once I have obtained a copy of the police report pertaining to your arrest and DUI offense(s), I examine every aspect to uncover inconsistencies, in adherence to policies and procedures, contradictions, and other information that I can put to the test at your any DMV Hearing in preparation for your criminal court case. The DMV Hearing can be very instrumental in serving as a “mock trial”, in some cases, where I can test the strength of the charges against you, and the likelihood they will stand up to the measure of “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

I will examine the evidence against you, and if you submitted to a blood test, I may request a sample to send to an independent laboratory for an expert second opinion. If the results of the independent lab test differ from law enforcement’s claims, I will obtain documentation such as affidavits from the lab sources, and if your case proceeds to a Jury Trial, I will employ the full force of my contacts and resources to provide essential support and testimony on your behalf.

I will visit the scene of your arrest, the landscape and conditions where you subjected to field sobriety tests, if applicable. I will match the area against the police report, and again thoroughly weigh all contributing and external factors such as the weather and traffic patterns at the time of your arrest.

I will make a list of all witnesses, law enforcement personnel, and test technicians to ensure each person’s statement or account of the incident is corroborative. I will cross-examine all involved parties if your case proceeds to a Trial.

I will request maintenance, calibration, & certification records on all breath testing equipment and personnel, reviewing the administration of tests for in adherence to procedure or other disqualifying causes.

I will give you all the information you need to prepare for your first court hearing. In some instances, I can successfully file a pre-trial motion at this hearing, in some cases resulting in an entire dismissal of the charges against you. If your case does not proceed to trial, the prosecutor may offer to have your DUI charges reduced to a traffic infraction.