Juvenile Crimes


Knowledgeable & Effective Juvenile Delinquency Representation

Juvenile cases come in two forms, delinquency or dependency. Delinquency cases involve criminal conduct by the minor, while dependency cases involve situations where the minor is taken from the home by social services due to concerns for a child’s well-being.

At the Law Office of Amy Schroder, Amy provides aggressive criminal defense representation for those clients charged with juvenile delinquency offenses. Juveniles, persons under the age of 18, can be charged with the same crimes as adults; however, the goal of the juvenile justice system, procedures, and consequences differ dramatically!

The goal of the adult criminal justice system is to punish law-breakers, while the goal of the juvenile justice system is to rehabilitate youthful offenders. Therefore, several alternatives may be available to rehabilitate juveniles without being formally “convicted” of crime.

If a juvenile petition is filed against the minor, he or she may be eligible for informal supervision pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code section, 654 depending on the charge Informal supervision can result in the charges being DISMISSED after the probationary period if the juvenile complies with a probation officer’s plan of supervision.